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VITAPURE Serum chosen as the SUPERHERO Serum.

Skin Inc.

Line focuses on anti-aging and sensitive skin care, and features 100% pure pharmaceutical-grade natural ingredients.

In With Skin

L'ATHENE treatments produce noticeable results for aging skin..

Skin Deep

Spotlighted the MINERAL DERMA-SCRUB for ultimate exfoliation.

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Spotlighted VITAPURE Serum

Floral Management.

NEROLI Creme earned SHOWCASE PRODUCT by Society of American Florists.

Friday Magazine

International... from Dubai. L'ATHENE is not about catchy advertisements... observe the remarkable difference the products make.

RN Magazine

L'ATHENE Nurses Earn RN Magazine Cover and Cover Story. RN Magazine says, "The value of pure nutrients to promote healing."

The State Newspaper of South Carolina

You could see a significant difference within three days. With L'ATHENE... your skin will move to a healthy state.

Worldwide Spa Review Magazine

L'ATHENE NUTRIAGE Antioxidant Eye Repair certainly beats surgery - far less puffiness and far fewer wrinkles.


L'ATHENE Skin Care Products on MORE's Top 100 Gotta-Try Products. L'ATHENE Complexion keepers for ultra-sensitive skin created by nurses who specialized in burn victims..


GLAMOUR Magazine says that they are cheering for two burn nurses who launched L'ATHENE - it's first aid for your face. A winter dryness healer.


A SELF Beauty Best - L'ATHENE's NUTRIAGE Eye Repair Creme. A must if you have puffy eyes.

Womens' Wear Daily

Move over dermatologists, here come two nurses. The time is ripe for healthy skin care and L'ATHENE is the answer.

Charleston Magazine

VL'ATHENE rockets to the top of the anti-aging market. The nurses poured their expertise into a booming skincare line.

Beauty Fashion

Nutrients are important to skin health and beauty. L'ATHENE was created by nurses with first-hand experience treating patients with burns.


The World's Best Face Cremes. L'ATHENE RESTORE Balancing Moisturizer... worth its weight in gold.

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The Buzz. L'ATHENE RESTORE Balancing Moisturizer... the Best For Your Face..

Healthy Aging

L'ATHENE goes beyond the basics of skin care with its pure elements precisely formulated for sensitive skin and to target the signs of aging.

Nursing Spectrum.

Nurses Products Reign Over Pores. L'ATHENE is a fast-growing company with business doubling since last year.

GS Magazine

More than Skin Deep. One of the spas most requested treatments is the L'ATHENE facial. "It's our most popular facial." Estheticians say, "I've seen such a huge difference in my skin using L'ATHENE."

Charleston Business Journal

For the women behind L'ATHENE, Inc., a Mount Pleasant-based cosmeceutical company, the aging of the baby boomer generation is a prescription for good business opportunities.

RN Magazine

Two nurses who have cared for patients and other severe skin problems have created a breed of chemical-free skin care products targeted for sensitive skin.

Worldwide Spa Review.

People can get startling results by using L'ATHENE. Their microderm facial gives really amazing results. The estheticians say how great this treatment is.


Miracle Potion. Lil Bogdan and Nan Brown put their best face forward.

Charleston Magazine

The VITAPURE antioxidant serum is one step in L'ATHENE's three-part anti-aging starter kit.

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VITAPURE Naturally Inspired- Nature's Beauty Remedies L'ATHENE's collection is created with an all natural base... power-packed with active ingredients.... addresses anti-aging treatment and prevention... begins with a skin rejuvenation system..

Nurse Connect.

The owners of L'ATHENE share their story of going from being nurses to business owners.

Where Charleston

Lil Bogdan and Nan Brown, two former Johns Hopkins nurses, are revolutionizing skin care.

Nurse Connect

Enthusiastic customers... heap praise on L'ATHENE for their dramatic results.

What makes L'ATHENE unique is that everything in the products is pure. Pure nutrient skincare that works with the body..

Radiant Life

NEROLI Hand and Body Creme is the fix for dry, cracked hands..

Tee Time

Learn about sun damage from Nan and Lil and how to minimize the effect of the sun on your skin.

She Magazine

Physician says, "L'ATHENE Treatments are remarkable".

Healthcare Traveler

For the Healthcare Traveler on the go... L'ATHENE Trial Dose Sampler Kit to the rescue.


Line focuses on anti-aging and sensitive skin care, and features 100% pure pharmaceutical-grade natural ingredients.


Jacqueline Luxe

Voted L'ATHENE Best Beauty Skin Care Product..

New Age Mama

L'ATHENE - These amazing products not only leave skin soft and touchable, they also help to prevent wrinkles.

It's a Glam Thing

Make Her Up

PRIMESSE - This all-in-one cleanser dissolves impurities, make-up and excess oil... without detergents.

Inside Cosmeceuticals

Each L'ATHENE product contains a blend of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fatty acids in a pure, bioactive form for healthy skin.

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Savvy Houswife

My favorite product is the VITAPURE Antioxidant Serum. I can instantly feel the difference.

Lipstick to Crayons

Skin responds best to pure, potent, nutrient-rich natural preparations."

Luxury Beauty Products

Can be used on minor burns or sunburned skin.

Just Because I'm a Mom

What they (L'ATHENE) don't put in their products is as important as what they do!

Sammi's Blog of Life

Does your skin need a boost? Well, I have just the product for you!

Make Up University

L'ATHENE: Skin care that packs a 99% chemical-free punch.

Living Life

Even has anitoxidant protection. For use following the post-op program, when your skin is ready for skin care products.

My Oh Momma

Helps minimize signs of aging.

Glam Canada

L'ATHENE brings everything the skin needs for maximum health and radiant beauty.

Evoluchun's Miscellaneous

Nan and Lil created L'ATHENE to produce quick, noticeable results.

Calculatus Eliminatus

Great for men, too!

Gloss Daily

Pickles & Lollipops

Triple antioxidant potency of Vitamin E, Echineacea and Rose Hips restores skin balance and gives anti-aging protection.

Beauty Almanac

She She Me

Americans are seeing the correlation between food they eat and health, and the products they use on their skin.

Real Mom Reviews

L'ATHENE packs a 99% chemical-free punch.

The Fashionable Bambino

Skin responds best to pure, potent, nutrient-rich natural preparations.

Not So Average Mama

If you can't find it, why not invent it? That's just what two registered nurses did.

The Twin Cities

Most facial cleansers are loaded with chemicals, part of the reason some of them fail so badly.

G See Moore

For MEN too, for healthy great-looking skin.

Healthy Style New York

Non-irritating... Balancing... Anti-Aging.

The Mama Report

L'ATHENE skincare is about noticeable quick results of younger-looking skin.

In With Skin

Packed with proteins, fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins for intense hydration and protection from external elements.

Living Better at 50