What Order Do You Use the Products?

Skin Rejuvenation Steps (daily steps) Products Use Morning and Night Additional Usage Tips
Step 1:- Cleanse
PRIMESSE Essential Facial Cleanser (non-detergent)
Cleanse face & neck in a gentle, circular motion; rinse thoroughly with lots of warm water. Pat dry.
  • For combination skin, double wash on oily areas only.
  • For very dry skin, cleanse at night only.
Step 2:- Nutrify Step 3 Moisturize
VITAPURE Antioxidant Serum
Smooth over cleansed face & neck. Allow to absorb.
Step 3:- Moisturize
RESTORE or ULTRA Moisturizers
Smooth over face/neck with upward strokes. Allow to absorb before makeup.
  • For combination skin, avoid oily areas and avoid breakouts.
Step 4:- Eye Repair
NUTRIAGE Total Eye Repair
Apply a small amount with fourth finger to under eye area.
Skin Enhancers (targeted concerns) Products Apply after Cleansing (as directed) Additional Usage Tips
Deep Exfoliation:- to remove dead dull cells
Use 1-2 times a week for no more than 2 minutes. Follow with serum.
  • No pressure over rosacea-like areas.
  • Avoid breakout areas to avoid spreading bacteria.
Mineral Mask:- for large pores & excess oil
CLARIFIQUE Purifying Clay Mask
For oily or combination skin, use 3-5 times a week and leave on 15-40 minutes, depending on amount of oiliness. Normal skin use once a week for 10 minutes. Follow with serum.
  • Spot treat breakouts with mask and sleep in it overnight.
  • Very oily skin can sleep in mask a few times a week.
Deep Cleansing:- for oily skin
CITRUS FOAM Non-Detergent Exfoliating Cleanser
For oily skin, cleanse face & neck in a gentle, circular motion; rinse thoroughly with lots of warm water. Pat dry. Follow with serum.
  • For combination skin, use PRIMESSE cleanser as a daily cleanser and CITRUS FOAM Cleanser on oily areas 2-3 times a week as needed.
Skin Enhancers (targeted concerns) Products Apply after VITAPURE Serum Additional Usage Tips
Wrinkle Correction:- caused from facial expressions
INTENSIVE Wrinkle Treatment
Apply a thin layer to expression lines around eyes, forehead and mouth. Follow with moisturizer.
  • You may experience some redness after application which is temporary.
Dry Skin Hydrator:- for very dry skin
EXTRACT Dry Skin Oil
Apply 1-4 drops to very dry areas and gently rub in. Follow with moisturizer.
Night Crème with Glycolic Acid:- for resurfacing skin
Apply at night instead of moisturizer. Use every night or every other night.
  • Avoid rosacea-like areas.
Skin Enhancers (targeted concerns) Products Use on Body- Morning and Night Additional Usage Tips
Hand & Body Hydrator:- for dry cracked areas
NEROLI Hand and Body Silkening Creme
Smooth over hands, legs, feet, elbows twice a day and as needed.
  • For very dry, cracked hands, use crème at night, follow with a thin layer of ASD ointment and cover with white socks.