Sun Damage & Discoloration

Combat sun damage with powerful L'ATHENE ingredients... to effectively soften discolorations and create a brighter look.

Skin discoloration (called age spots or hyperpigmentation) from sun damage becomes more noticeable as we age. Our products are hydroquinone free and safe to use to effectively target discolorations.

Replace Vital Nutrients and Repair Damage

Sun causes free radical damage which causes sunspots, discolorations, lines, wrinkles and collagen damage to skin. Antioxidants are proven to prevent and reverse the signs of aging from these free radicals by powerfully attacking free radicals.VITAPURE Ultra Antioxidant Nutrient Serumis an antioxidant powerhouse. Apply twice daily to face and neck after cleansing. See visible signs of discolorations soften and see the look of lines and wrinkles lessen. Also helps to prevent further aging signs by fighting free radical damage.

Ultra Antioxidant Nutrient
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Exfoliation Helps Reduce the Look of Discolorations

Microdermabrasion helps treat sun damage and skin discolorations by removing the outer layer of pigmented skin. It can produce a nice result of reducing the look of sun spots when used over time. MINERAL DERMA-SCRUB is an at-home microdermabrasion treatment that can help to remove the dead and pigmented skin cells and produce an immediate brightening effect. Use 1-2 times a week consistently. It also helps other skincare treatments to penetrate more effectively. Can also use in combination with REJUVENATE Skin Resurfacing Night Creme which dissolves the bonds that hold dead cells to the skin’s surface and stimulates cell renewal so new healthy cells appear. Use every night or every other night in place of your L’ATHENE moisturizer.

Microdermabrasion At-Home
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Skin Resurfacing Night Creme
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