Pretty Feet Comfort Foot Care (See Products Below)

Are your feet suffering from dry, rough, or calloused skin? Proper foot care is essential for maintaining our overall health and well-being. It not only helps to prevent discomfort and pain, but it also promotes improved circulation in your feet and throughout your body.

Comfort Foot Care:

  • Helps to improve circulation from the gentle massage
  • Helps identify potential problem areas early so attention can be given
  • Targets dry callused skin
  • Helps avoid friction in shoes from dead / cracked skin
  • Helps feet feel and look better
  • Intensely hydrates

"I take care of my feet by exfoliating the skin and moisturizing the skin with NEROLI Lotion and by doing a gentle massage and it is amazing how great they look and feel." Nan Brown, Owner

Simple To Do (before bedtime once a week)

  • Soak your feet in either a tub/basin or after a bath or shower. This helps to soften the skin prior to exfoliation. You can also add a little Epsom Salts to the water. Then towel dry. Sit in a comfortable chair or side of the bed.
  • Examine your feet and lower legs to see if you notice anything different.
  • Exfoliate with a foot file using the coarse side first. In a circular motion and with very gentle pressure, file the dead skin areas on your heels and sides of your toes. Be careful to go slowly and easily so you don’t overdo it.
  • Smooth the skin with the sandpaper side of the file so there is no dead skin hanging that could catch in your socks or shoes.
  • Hydrate and Massage your feet with NEROLI Body Silkening Nutrient Crème, especially the soles of your feet and lower legs.  Apply one or two drops of EXTRACT Dry Skin Hydrating Plant Oil if you have some very dry areas. Great for cuticles too. This will replace the moisture loss to your skin

By following this simple and effective guide… you can say goodbye to dry, rough feet and hello to beautifully soft and smooth skin. So why wait? Start pampering your feet today and step into a world of ultimate foot care.


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