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Premature Aging

Beginning the repair and prevention process early is vital... to create younger-looking skin your whole life.

In our mid to late 20's, the beginning signs of the normal aging process start. Collagen and elastin production begins to slow down, and the skin does not spring back as quickly. Cell turnover also slows down. While you cannot totally eliminate the natural aging process, the earlier you implement good skin choices, the more you minimize the effects.

Treat Your Skin Wisely

Your skin is your largest organ and requires care to keep it looking its best. Avoid cleansing and toning products that are made with harsh chemicals. These chemicals, found in most skin care brands, even the medical ones, can strip the skin and can cause the skin to overproduce oil. Also, these harsh agents can make the skin look worse. It is best to use products that are effective but non-irritating and work in harmony with the body.

Choose a Good Daily Skin Regime

Starting on a regime of effective daily care is a great way to protect your skin. The SR-3 Skin Rejuvenation Starter Kit is a three-step kit to treat and correct skin in an effective, non-irritating way. First step, cleanse twice daily with the non-detergent cleanser. Consistent cleansing removes excess oil and dirt and avoids oil buildup. This prevents breakouts from happening or lessens their duration when they do occur. Second step, apply the antioxidant nutrient serum which helps to repair and rebuild skin's collagen and elastin. The third step, apply the moisturizer to protect the skin from moisture loss. Also, the skin around the eye area is very thin and needs extra anti-aging care. NUTRIAGE Total Eye Repair Creme helps decrease puffiness, lines, dryness, and dark circles. Sometimes during the late 20's, 30's and beyond, hormone changes can affect your skin. With oil concerns, CITRUS FOAM Exfoliating Cleanser is a great way to reduce excess oil and dead cells without stripping the skin and causing oil rebound. For more information about Oily Skin, click here.

SR-3 Daily Skin Rejuvenation Starter Kit - RESTORE


CITRUS FOAM Exfoliating Cleanser


NUTRIAGE Total Eye Repair Creme


Protect the Skin fom Sun... and Reapply

Sun damage is a big concern in the premature aging group - spots, wrinkles, lines and dehydration are aging-looking and can be minimized with the use of antioxidant-rich products and a sun block. Click here for information on sun protection.

VITAPURE Ultra Antioxidant Nutrient Serum contains Vitamin A, Ester C, E and Rosemary. Antioxidants are proven to help reverse the effects of sun damage by fighting free radicals. Apply the serum under sun block to help provide added protection.

VITAPURE Ultra Antioxidant Nutrient Serum

Be Consisent

You used to be able to party all night and not feel it the next day. Now, as you get older, doing this can be a bit more costly. Also, you may have been able to do nothing for your skin and look great... now, you need a regime and need to do it consistently. Taking off make-up before bedtime and doing a good cleansing routine is as important as brushing your teeth so that you can keep a healthy, youthful, cleared-skin look.