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Sensitive Skin

L'ATHENE offers a complete non-irritating natural skincare regimen... to nourish, calm and restore sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin is not a medical term. It is used to indicate any and all skin conditions that are susceptible to increased redness, itching, burning, drying and/or breakouts.

Some people are born with sensitive skin, and others acquire it from product usage, aging, hormone imbalance, stress, alcohol, environment and over-exfoliation (this can be called sensitized skin).

Avoid Skincare with Harsh Cosmetic Chemicals... which can Further Irritate Skin.

Many skin sensitivities start due to exposure to harsh chemicals found in many skincare products. Individuals with sensitive-type skin need to avoid harsh chemical skincare because it can make their skin more irritable.

L'ATHENE Pure Nutrient Skin Treatments are formulated with high-quality nutrients that are nourishing, mild and non-irritating.

Almost all skincare, including medical skincare brands, contain harsh alcohols, petroleum-derivatives, detergents, and many other potential skin irritating ingredients, that can cause redness, inflammation or discomfort. Often these chemicals are the bulk of the product. These chemicals are inexpensive and are product fillers. Become a label reader. Read more about the ingredients in L'ATHENE products.

L'ATHENE Helps Promote Skin Health to Achieve the Most Optimal Results.

If you are very concerned about trying skincare, you can always do a test patch before using any topical treatments. Test a small amount of product by applying it to the neck area. Leave on for 10 minutes. Remove with water. If uneventful, then continue on to another product until you have successfully used each of the treatments that you would like to use to achieve the desired result.