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Proper care of skin is critical during cancer... to protect vulnerable skin areas and promote skin healing.

Your skin's condition, texture, color and hydration status can be affected by the type of cancer you have and how intense the treatment is. This can lead to possible infection, so your skin needs special care. When your physician says your treated skin is ready for skincare, here are helpful guidelines to follow.

Keep Skin Very Hydrated

To hydrate the facial skin… use ULTRA Intensive Moisture Therapy day and night and once in between to heavily hydrate dry areas. For severe facial dryness, also use EXTRACT Dry Skin Hydrating Plant Oil twice a day under ULTRA Intensive Moisture Therapy to protect, soothe, calm and help with cracking and discomfort. To hydrate the hands, feet and body… useNEROLI Body Silkening Nutrient Cremeat least 3 times a day to give immediate relief while powerfully moisturizing and protecting the dry areas.

ULTRA Intensive Moisture Therapy


EXTRACT Dry Skin Hydrating Plant Oil


NEROLI Hand and Body Nutrient Creme


Use Non-Detergent Cleansers... that are More Gentle to Skin

Detergent cleansers (most cleaners on the market) and soap can be very harsh and potentially be drying and irritating, even oily skin. When challenged with cancer treatments,PRIMESSE Essential Facial Cleanseris an effective, yet gentle cleanser that removes dirt without stripping natural oils and further drying skin, to help maintain skin integrity.

PRIMESSE Essential Facial Cleanser

Use L'ATHENE Products Two Weeks in Advance of Radiation... to Maximize Skin Health

To keep your skin in the best health possible prior to radiation, for the face, use SR-3 Skin Rejuvenation Starter Kit - ULTRA and, for the body, use NEROLI Body Silkening Nutrient Creme... on and around areas that are to be irradiated. Use 2 times a day everyday 2 weeks prior to your first treatment.

SR-3 Daily Skin Rejuvenation Starter Kit - ULTRA


NEROLI Hand and Body Nutrient Creme