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Combination / Normal Skin

Create glowing skin everyday with 3 easy steps!

PRIMESSE Cleanser, VITAPURE Serum and RESTORE or ULTRA Moisturizer work together on a cellular level to immediately provide a noticeably more vibrant, younger look.

Minimize the Look of Aging

INTENSIVE WRINKLE TREATMENTis a great alternative to Botox® to lessen the look of lines and wrinkles from facial expressions. This treatment helps to give a lift to the forehead, crow's feet area and mouth lines. And don't forget about the fragile eye area.NUTRIAGE Total Eye Repair Cremehelps decrease lines, puffiness, dryness and dark circles to give you a brighter look.REJUVENATE Skin Resurfacing Night Cremehelps dissolve those stubborn dead cells that sit on the surface of the skin. The Glycolic Acids remove the cells and give your skin a night-time make-over.

CITRUS FOAM Exfoliating Cleanser


EXTRACT Dry Skin Hydrating Plant Oil


NEROLI Uplifting Mist


Keep Combination Skin Balanced

To hydrate the cheeks and to control oil on the forehead and nose, begin with SR-3 Skin Rejuvenation Starter Kit. This cutting-edge innovative 3-step skincare system treats and corrects skin in an effective and non-irritating way. First step, cleanse twice daily with the non-detergent cleanser. Consistent cleansing removes excess oil and dirt and avoids oil buildup. This prevents breakouts from happening or lessens their duration when they do occur. Second step, apply the antioxidant nutrient serum which helps to repair and rebuild skin's collagen and elastin. The third step, apply the moisturizer to protect the skin from moisture loss.

CITRUS FOAM Exfoliating Cleanser